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Welcome to Lucid Psychic Services website. My name is Aidan Lucid and I am the owner of Lucid Psychic Services. For a long time I was afraid to embrace my abilities, to share them with the world. That all changed, however, in 2014 when I began doing photo readings for people in Facebook groups.  Since then, I have been doing angel card readings as well. Click here to read more about my spiritual journey.

Thank you for stopping by and do call again. Feel free to share my website address.
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Angel Card Readings
For many centuries, people have consulted oracles, shamen and mystics to find out what lies in store. Since the turn of the 18th century, however, tarot cards became popular to consult with regards to one's future. Now there are angel cards and to be honest, they're much safer.  From my time in using them, I have found them to be incredibly loving and also have delivered very accurate readings with them over the years.  Read more.

Photo Readings
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Ever heard the saying, "a picture says a thousand words"? Well, guess what? It really does. A photo is more than just a moment in time captured forever: through the use of my psychic ability, it allows a reader like me to be able to see what's going in your life right now and what lies ahead. Read more.
Spirit Guide Readings
Spirit guides are celestial beings who have been chosen to guide us on our journey in this life They are beings who have lived here before but have ascended to a higher spiritual level, not quite on the same level as guardian angels but they are wise beings all the same. And now yours is just waiting to pass on vital messages to you. Read more.
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