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As a child, there had always been a fascination with the paranormal.  At 13, he encountered his first ghost. “It was roughly mid-February 1995, a little over a month after my grandmother passed away and my mother, sister and I were travelling to her house. I was sitting in the backseat alone as mom and Jenny were in the front. Almost instantly, the smell of my grandmother’s perfume wafted past me and I could feel her presence.”
The encounters with the spirit world continued. The bond with God and the angels strengthened .

In 2002, tragedy struck again with the loss of another grandparent. This time, something extraordinary occurred. “When grandad died, I felt really low. He and I were very close. Before he passed, he and nan always used to say a special prayer called, ‘The Rosary’. That was something I never did. Something deep inside urged me to say this wonderful prayer. In fact, the very first time I did recite it, an immense wave of peace flowed through me. I felt at ease.  I knew then that this prayer was powerful. It also helped as I became a writer two years later after plucking up the courage to send out my material. I was subsequently published seven times. I know this was as a result of the prayer.
About Aidan
“Fast forward to 2011 and to my first Reiki session. I credit the sessions to opening my third eye and thus beginning my psychic experiences. I was so moved by the sessions, that I embarked on two Reiki courses. Today, I hold a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and a Level One IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner.” 

For two years, Aidan conducted angel card readings for friends, family, and sometimes for people in various Facebook groups. He discovered that he held a natural ability to read the cards. In 2014, Aidan's life took yet another turn that saw him beginning to carry out psychic readings.
“It was a time in my life where I was going through a bit of a rough patch. One morning, I decided to meditate after not having done so for a long time. This meditation was deep and unusual. At the time, I didn’t know why. Later that day, I went on Facebook. I felt this unexplainable need to join a psychic group. Suddenly, I found myself able to read photos of complete strangers psychically…and all the information I was receiving from them was very accurate”

After nearly two years of highly accurate readings, Mr Lucid decided to embark upon a career of psychic readings of photos. In turn, it rekindled his passion for Reiki.

“I have always wanted to help people, and giving them messages they need to hear as well as being able to send healing is very fulfilling for me. More often than not, it enriches their lives.  They are able to carry on living with less weight on their shoulders, or less pain in their body. That is the most rewarding part for me as a healer.”
Aidan Lucid Reading For a Client
Early Life
Aidan was a member of the Ask the Answer team, which is one of the UK's leading psychic hotlines. He also set up his own Youtube Channel, where he'll post videos of monthly messages from the angel cards.

You can read many testimonials from previous clients as well as check out a number of his services.

Aidan Lucid - Owner of Lucid Psychic Services
First Foray into the Unknown
The Journey Continues
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