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Angel Answers
Angels are all around us, especially our guardian angel: when we sleep, while we're at work or even when we're driving, they're there. It might surprise you to know that some people even have two guardian angels! Their soul purpose is to look after us humans while we're here on this earth. But angels themselves are also messengers from God, ready to deliver any help or advice that's needed in various different ways. And that's why angel cards were created, to assist or speed up the advice they so desperately want to pass on to you. 

Many centuries ago, however, people had a different approach of consulting with God. They did so through certain objects, such as dies or bones regarding what to do with their lives. In Delphi, many visited the infamous Oracle, and she revealed what their future held. Now you can have messages passed to you from your angels (and sometimes loved ones), through angel card readings.

As you can see from The Lucid Card Reader blog, Aidan performs angel card readings on a weekly basis. Now he has made this service available to clients. How this service works is a client can choose a deck from the gallery above and click the button below to take you to the page to fill in the form. Once payment has been received, a time will be scheduled if a client chooses to use a Facebook or Skype reading.
Readings can be delivered in one of three ways: by email, Skype, or via Facebook. A time will be arranged for the latter two. You can choose from the form below which method you'd like your reading delivered.  

Please note: Angel Card Readings will be carried out for people aged 18 and over only. This service costs €30. which is payable by Paypal or postal order. Once payment is received, the reading will be carried out.

Angel Card Readings
Photo Readings
The saying, "a picture says a thousand words" is very true. Every photo tells a story, for example, what an individual is feeling right now, what they went through in the past, if they've been on this earth before and what their future may hold. There is always a wealth of information to be discovered.

So why not have yours read today and see what your photo says about you!
Spirit Guide Readings
Spirit Guide Picture
Hi. My name is Jennifer G. Tuller and I specialise in Spirit Guide Readings. "Spirit guides" are entities that remain as disincarnate spirits in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.  Disincarnate means n context of subsequently existing outside the body (for example, as a soul or spirit). Guides are pretty straightforward.  They love us unconditionally.  Guides are a part of our energy.

A reading would take about 30 minutes or so.  It would entail permission from the sitter to connect with their spirit guides.  I would then connect with them and ask a series of questions with what the guides are showing me.  Their answers should be either yes, no or I don't know, makes sense or doesn't make sense. Guidance is the reason why guides shows up. 

The fee for Jennifer's service is $30 for every 15 minutes. Click here to email Jennifer.
Distant Healing
This is a wonderful form of healing using the powerful Reiki, which is a healing modality created by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s. The word 'Reiki' means, 'universal energy'. How it works is that through the power of intention and hands on healing, energy is sent to seven chakras in the body. Chakras are energy points with each focusing on a certain area e.g. the heart chakra on the heart/chest area dealing with past hurts/emotional issues, solar plexus chakra situated on or around the naval/belly button area which deals with worry/anxiety etc. The great thing about distant healing is that it allows the practitioner to use the amazing power of Reiki on a client in a different part of the country or world right from the comfort of their own office/home.


Empowers Mental Well Being.
Improves Physical Energy Levels.
Reduces Stress.
Improves Sleep Patterns.
Boosts Confidence. 
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Please fill in the form on this page. Once completed, it will take you to a payment page. When Aidan receives payment, he will contact the client via email or Facebook (whichever is more convenient for the customer). A time and date will be arranged to send the healing. Once it's sent, Aidan will contact the client.

PLEASE NOTE: Distant healing is not a substitute for medicine. If you continue to experience pain or serious discomfort, please see your local doctor.
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